CD And DVD Cover Search Engine

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A CD and DVD cover search engine allows you to search for covers for your CD or DVD movies or audio. It also enables you to print your covers at high resolution.

2 General Benefits of Search Engines

Find My Cover, just like any other search engine, has many advantages worth noting. Here are some benefits of search engines.

Access to Web Information

The main purpose of any search engine is to allow you to access information available on the internet. Therefore, you don’t just gain from search engines as an individual, but organizations and the society at large have so much to gain from using search engines.

Individuals and the society have so much to gain from using search tools.  In actual sense, without search engines, the web wouldn’t be as important as it is for many people because finding information would be almost impossible, if not difficult.

Access to small and medium sized businesses with a presence on the web through e-commerce is possible, thanks to search engines. Otherwise, the environment of ecommerce would be so different without search tools.

Your personal, social and professional life is highly dependent on the internet. With more than 30 trillion web pages on the internet, and the figure keeps increasing, finding information would be almost impossible without search tools.

What’s more, you’re able to access information on different niches ranging from business, health, religion and news to government, ecommerce, entertainment and education, among others.

In 2012, more than 2 trillion searches were made on the web using search engines. This gives an idea of how search engines are used extensively as a popular way of finding information on the internet. In America, 91% of adults access information on the net using search tools with daily searches being made by 59% of this figure.

A typical internet user in the US makes at least 1,500 searches annually. With these kind of figures, it’s clear that search tools play an integral role when it comes finding information on the web. The same users reported that whenever they use search tools to find information, they usually find the information they seek most of the time, if not all the time they do a search.

As a result, the internet has become a valuable information resource because you can easily find and access any kind of information you want through search engines without paying any fee.

Investigations and Finding Solutions or Answers to Problems in Life

Internet users use search tools to make investigations or find solutions or answers to problems in life due to the large scope and volume of information available and accessible on the web. Although most searches are business-oriented, 6.5% of searches made in the U.S in 2008 were travel-oriented.

Searches associated with finding information on people made up 4% of all the searches in the US. Over half of the adults in the U.S using search engines to find information have at one point investigated certain people in their lives. About 47% of such users have used search tools to find the kind of information available online about them.

People also use search tools to learn and investigate scientific issues and matters concerning climate change. These are just some of the information people find online using search tools. With fast access to readily available information, search tools make people highly efficient, hence impacting the society positively.

You’re not just able to find the information you seek and websites of choice, but organizations are also able to reach their online audience who are able to access them easily.

Types of Search Engines

Whereas some search engines help you find general information, others are specialized to finding specific kinds of information. These kinds of search engines allow you to customize your search to find the exact kind of information you seek. Find My Cover is a typical example of a specialized search engine designed specifically to help you find CD and DVD covers.


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