About Find My Cover

Find My Cover is a customized search engine with a specialized function to help you find CD covers for your audios or DVD covers for your movies. It is a site with a software app that finds CD covers for your iTunes or media library. The search engine is also ideal for CD cover art.

The search engine has vast indexes, covering large portions of the web to provide different types and volumes of CD or DVD covers whenever you make a search. The software is highly sophisticated to allow you to give precise description of the kind of CD or DVD cover you want.

Although there are many other search engines on the web, Find My Cover is one-of-a-kind as it’s uniquely designed to only search and find CD or DVD covers on the web, leaving out irrelevant information.

What’s more, the software app is always being updated to keep up with new changes on the web and meet your unique needs for CD and DVD covers.

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